Today, water is at the forefront of limited resources, with state and county agencies continually working to manage and preserve the finite amount of water that is available for human use. Numerous laws affecting how consumers use water, including the Clean Water Act and the Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance; have been set forth in an attempt to preserve the quality and quantity of water available.  For this reason The Frog Hollow is offering a water management program to help you preserve your landscape while reducing your water consumption.


The Program





• Perform an Irrigation Audit.


• Submit report showing system inefficiencies and suggested upgrades/retrofits.  (Any upgrades or retrofits can be made on an as-need basis according to budget and priority).


• Installation of Smart Controller (if not already in place).


Most manual controllers require constant adjustments and schedule changes according to current site conditions.  However, with a smart controller, the necessity to manually adjust the clock is reduced to a minimum.  These controllers utilize a sophisticated scheduling engine to determine the optimum watering days and run-times.  Therefor, it is vital that programming and adjustments be made by knowledgeable personnel only.


• Upload appropriate site information and individual zone parameters to include: Sprinkler Type, Precipitation Rate, Efficiency Factor, Soil Type, Plant Type, Root Depth, Water Use, Micro-Climate and Degree of Slope.


• Create a working Irrigation Schedule.


• Create a Zone Map to easily navigate irrigation system.


• Take soil samples to test acidity and mineral levels to help evaluate necessary fertilizers and amendments to improve plant health, growth and water retention qualities.


• Regularly scheduled site-visits to probe soil and adjust zone parameters as necessary to provide maximum water savings.



Residential Water Savings with Smart Controller

Mismanaged Water Costs

The Frog Hollow takes pride in our clock management skills and irrigation excellence.  We employ only the finest technicians in our field and continually educate our staff in order to stay on the cutting edge.  By implementing smart irrigation technology and properly managing your system we will minimize your water consumption; and in turn, reduce your water bills, eliminate the hazards created by standing water and ultimately create an environment that is healthier and more sustainable.

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