Installing a landscape is only the beginning of a life-long project.  You must nurture and care for your landscape just as you would any other living thing.  Proper maintenance will help insure the health of your plants and protect your investment.  Our program is a complete landscape maintenance package that includes plant, tree, turf, chemical and water management.



plant management

tree maintenance

turf maintenance

chemical management

water management

plant management


-  The goal is to develop a lush, natural appearance, to promote flowering and health while keeping pruning and trimming to a minimum.


-  Pruning will be done on an as-needed basis only. The intent is to maintain the natural plant appearance and allow shrubs to fill planting spaces as much as possible.


-  Shearing back of shrub stems and branches is not encouraged unless the plant poses a safety hazard.


-  Vines will be kept “pinned” to fences or walls to support branching and climbing.  Most vines will require a hard pruning each year to allow for new growth and healthier stalks.


-  Systemic chemicals will be applied on a strict schedule to avoid pests, disease and any loss of plant material.  In the event of an infestation or infection, prompt treatment will occur.


-  Fertilizers will be applied quarterly to promote plant health and bloom.

tree maintenance


-  New trees will be staked to allow movement (at least 6”) in the wind.  Stakes will then be removed as soon as trees are deemed established in the soil or by two years of planting, whichever comes first.


-  Trees will be deep-watered to encourage deep roots and discourage surface root damage. Deep watering is especially important during the warm months (May-September).


-  Soil moisture will be checked with hand soil probes every season.


-  Trees will be pruned back for safety or structural clearance only, otherwise; pruning shall be performed as a “thinning” or “opening” to promote tree spread and shading potential.


-  We will subcontract an experienced arborist to evaluate and trim your trees at least every 5 years or as necessary.


-  Systemic chemicals will be applied on a strict schedule to avoid pests, disease and any loss of plant material.  In the event of an infestation or infection, prompt treatment will occur

turf maintenance



-  The goal is to deepen turf roots, which in turn will reduce the need for fertilizing, mowing, weed control, and most importantly, it's water consumption.


-  Mowing heights and cycles will vary according to the time of year to promote root health and growing consistency.


-  Turf areas will be edged as needed to maintain appearance and prevent damage to hardscapes.


-  Turf sprinkler heads will be correctly installed and adjusted to clear the highest un-mowed turf growth height.


-  Aerification and dethatching will be performed if necessary to promote deep rooting, water penetration and prevent soil compaction.


-  Organic fertilizer will be applied to turf regularly in order to improve soil balance, maintain a healthy appearance and keep water needs down.


chemical management


-  Applications of pre-emergent chemicals will be made to reduce the presence of weeds.


-  Post-emergent chemicals will be applied on an as-need basis on all emerging weeds.


-  We follow a strict systemic application calendar and inspect all plant material on a regular basis to help catch damaging pests and disease before outbreak.


-  All warning labels and application procedures are strictly followed in accordance to State law and regulations.


-  Applications of organic fertilizer will be performed quarterly or as needed to the entire landscape to improve plant health and vigor as well as soil fertility.


-  Additional pesticides, herbicides and fungicides will be applied on an as-need basis to prevent plant loss.

water management

-  Proper water management will maximize plant health, minimize water damage to any hardscapes or buildings and eliminate runoff.


-  All components of the irrigation system will be maintained and kept in proper working order.


-  Malfunctioning systems will be repaired with the correct parts and installed as per manufacturers specifications.


-  Irrigation controller schedules will be adjusted as often as necessary as weather and plant needs change or water budgets fluctuate.  The Frog Hollow specializes in "smart" weather-based controllers and the proper programming of these systems.


-  Soil probing will be performed on a regular basis to determine soil moisture depth, overall moisture levels and the need to adjust irrigation schedules.


-  Irrigation schedules will be programmed to coordinate with all other maintenance activities; including, mowing, spot spraying and fertilization as well as home water-use if the water line is shared (showers, laundry, etc.).



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