The mission of The Frog Hollow is to exceed its clients’ expectations.  In this pursuit, they are committed to the highest degree of integrity, responsibility, quality and cost-effectiveness.  The Frog Hollow believes in sustainable landscape practices, focusing on the conservation of water and proper water management.  Providing customers with low-maintenance, low-water-use landscapes and irrigation systems is their primary goal.

The Frog Hollow, founded by Ray and Marilyn Thengvall, began in Southern California in 1978.  During a visit to Northern California they came upon a small town nestled in the Sierra Nevada Foothills.  In 1989 The Frog Hollow opened it's doors to the residents of Angels Camp.  It is in this small community that their commitment to excellence in landscaping has thrived.  Ray (a.k.a. Frog Man) and Marilyn understand that their clients are the most important assets they have, and in no other place is that more evident than a small town.  They have found that offering uncompromising levels of service to their clients and their community is tremendously gratifying.

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For a visual guide of our services see our portfolio or our selection of before & after shots.

license #C27-543400     p: 209.736.0924     f: 209.736.4789     667 S. Main Street    Angels Camp, CA. 95222